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Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease

Posted Aug 16 2009 12:23pm
Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease causes weak muscles and atrophy in the handsfeetlegs and forearms. this peripheral nerve disorder involves a gradual deterioration of the myelin coating on motor and sensory nerves and poor transmission of nerve impulses. A person's legs and feet are typically the first to show signs of CMT. Foot and ankle weakness and fatigue may develop initiallyalong with weakness in the hands. Toes may curl as muscles weaken. Some patients develop a highly arched foot from weak foot muscles. The person may experience a change in gait from CMTas muscles adapt to the atrophy. Fracures and sprains are common. Other symptoms include burningtingling or numbness in the feetand trouble balancing.

The first step in treating any foot problem is an accurate diagnosis. This requires a comprehensive historyphysical exam and in some casesx-rays and laboratory tests. Depend on itthough-whatever is causing your foot painwhether it's disease or injurya hereditary conditionor any number of ills that can plague the feet- you can count on Shenandoah Podiatry for relief.

Dedicated To Your Healthy Feet,
Dr. Jennifer Feeny

p.s. CMT is different from Charcot's foot diseasea joint disorder and common complication of diabetes.
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