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Cell Phones and cancer.

Posted Sep 14 2008 12:55am

Another new study demonstrates a link between cell phone use and cancer: "The study, published Friday in the American Journal of Epidemiology, found a clear link between cell phone use and cancerous growth in the saliva glands. Researchers found that among groups who tend to hold the phone on one side and use the phone frequently or for prolonged periods, the risk of saliva-glad cancer increased by 50 to 58 percent, compared to people who did not use a cell phone regularly. A number of studies in recent years indicate an increased cancer risk in the auditory nerve, the brain and the saliva glands for long-time cell-phone users." --

Don't hold your cell phone next to your head for prolonged periods--use speakerphone or a hands-free set instead. In a future blog I'll look over some of the gadgets that claim to decrease cell phone radiation.
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