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Causes Of Pulmonary Hypertension

Posted Nov 29 2009 10:04pm
Pulmonary hypertension is most commonly known as the high blood pressure. Lots of people suffer with it worldwide. It is sometimes said to be as the sister disease of the cardiovascular problems. About 80% of the people suffering with cardiovascular problems are noted to face the problem of pulmonary hypertension.

It is basically a health complications faced by the person when abnormally high blood pressure is caused in the arteries of the lungs. Dizziness, problems in breathing, and feeling of uneasiness are the symptoms of the pulmonary hypertension. Please consult the doctor immediately if you are facing any such symptoms because that may result into the heart failure in serious cases. Here is an overview about the common observed causes of pulmonary hypertension.

1. Narrowing of the arteries in the lungs is the noted to be one of the major causes of the pulmonary hypertension. If the narrowing is in both the lungs then you are at very high risk of the heart failure that is caused after the pulmonary hypertension. Narrowing of arteries makes it difficult for the lungs to circulate the blood. So, the lungs have to apply more pressure in order to pass on the blood. This way the pulmonary hypertension arises.

2. Blood clotting may result into pulmonary hypertension. The blood clotting in the lungs may result in the insufficient supply of the blood. This way the lungs would be made by the body to work harder in order to pump the blood through the arteries. But, the clot will not allow the blood to flow. This will ultimately put more pressure on the heart and the pulmonary hypertension arises that may result in the heart stroke.

3. Genetic defect in the being noted in some people that means they have undeveloped arteries, which are narrow in size. This way blood supply to the lungs in inadequate and they are not able to provide the required blood supply. So, they start working more vigorously to match with the blood requirements. As a result the pulmonary hypertension is caused.

4. Scleroderma is the autoimmune disease that causes pulmonary hypertension in some cases. This disease adversely affect the blood vessels and connective tissues due to which the inadequate blood is supplied to the lungs. As the lungs get less amount of blood they fail to provide the adequate amount of the blood to other body organs. This way the lungs start functioning vigorously to get the blood and then provide it to the other body parts. But, this puts the more stress on them which gives rise to pulmonary arterial hypertension.

5. HIV infection around the lungs disturbs the normal working of the lungs. The lungs are not able to provide the adequate amount of the blood. This way they start working faster, which results in the pulmonary hypertension. This type of pulmonary hypertension is incurable.

6. Obstructive sleep apnea may result in the pulmonary hypertension. During the sleep apnea the human body is not able to get the required amount of oxygen. Oxygen is must for the proper working of the lungs. So during the sleep apnea they dont get the required amount of oxygen and thus the lungs malfunction resulting in lot of stress on them. Ultimately the person suffers with pulmonary hypertension.

7. Certain medications are being noted to cause pulmonary hypertension. Specifically the medications that acts as the stimulant are noted to adversely affect the functioning of the lungs. These medicines increase the blood flow to the brain, simultaneously the blood flow to the heart is also increased. This increased blood flow first moves on the lungs for the purification process. The lungs has to work more vigorously to cope with this increased blood supply. This way more stress is put on the lungs, which results into pulmonary hypertension.
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