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Causes of lump in lower jaw and cheek swelling that is not dental-related?

Posted by mjorion

About 6 weeks ago I had extreme pain in my left jaw and ear along with a toothache. I was given Amoxycillin for an ear infection and the worst of the pain went away, but now I have a lump in my lower jaw that felt like an infected tooth, but the dentist took x-rays and has ruled out any dental causes. My Dr. gave me prednisone which makes the swelling go away until I quit taking it and then it returns.  I have an appointment with an ENT in two weeks, but am concerned that I should do something in the meantime. I wake up in the mornings with noticeable swelling in my left cheek at the corner of my mouth and there is sore lump above the jawline. I am taking Ibuprofen constantly, which reduces much of the cheek swelling and pain, but it is definitely not getting better.  Any ideas?
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