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Cardiomyopathies and oxidative stress

Posted Nov 27 2009 10:03pm
By D.Romero-Alvira, E.Roche, L.Placer

Cardiomyopathies are the group of diseases affecting the cardiac muscle. Although they have never been related to oxidative stress diseases, an analysis of the causes of these pathologies reveals the presence of a pro-oxidative agent or that the intracardiocytic balance between oxidation and antioxidation has been broken.

In support of this hypothesis, we analyse the pro-oxidative factors which co-operate with other factors or by themselves to promote the development of this group of pathologies. We show also data demonstrating that the tissue and cellular damages are characteristic of an oxidative stress situation.

Finally, we present evidence that in some cases of particular cardiomyopathies, the use of antioxidative strategies greatly improves the health of the patients. Therefore, we suggest that the use of antioxidants can be an alternative or complementary therapy in this group of diseases.
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