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Canada Values Health

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:13pm

The Health Council of Canada has created a web-site "" to create a dialogue on a number of topics in health care. If you join the dialogue, you will find numerous topics for discussion. Just reading the posts so far gives an indication of the shallow understanding of health care in general. It is a touch unsettling.

The concept behind the new web-site is that the public is given an opportunity to provide their input and their solutions. Didn't we go through this with Romanow's marvelous adventure almost a decade ago? Seems to me we did...but we are back to the drawing board.

The mantra appears to be that patients have the solutions. Well, the Council may be partly right in the sense it is not the system that holds the solutions but patients themselves.

As  we watch the cost of health care rise along with wait times despite billions of dollars in health care "bail-out" packages, I am concerned that there are still individuals within the health care system clinging to the idea that we can afford all health care needs coming our way. Or perhaps they just need their hospitals to live to see another day.

It really looks like a rather slow and uncomfortable death, for patients, for politicians and even for physicians.

If the Health Council of Canada and the government are going to use the web-site as a way of saying to the public "we did ask for your input...there were opportunities for you to contribute your dialogue....but we still don't have the money to pay for everything that is needed" then fine. If they really think they are going to find solutions by looking at the system in the tunnel vision fashion they are using then we are likely to meet with failure again.

When LHINs fail, after the CEO heads fall, we will see how many years the politicians can keep up with the rhetoric. Maybe about the same time that Obama's shine begins to fade. Reality does hurt sometimes.

Sorry for the delay in getting another journal entry up and going. Perhaps you don't care but I do. I am looking forward to having a little more time in the not so distant future to do what I enjoy, including posting here on this blog.

Best wishes and thanks to all for your contributions,








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