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Can you screen for MRSA?

Posted by Be Well

Can you screen for MRSA?
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If you have MRSA, you will still be admitted to the hospital. However, many hospitals now test everyone who is being admitted to see if they have MRSA bacteria on their body. This helps to prevent infection spreading and, if you're having surgery, ensures that you can be given treatment to reduce or remove the MRSA bacteria and stop them infecting your wound.

To test for MRSA bacteria, swabs may be taken from your skin and nose, and you may need to provide urine and blood samples. It can take 3-5 days for the results to come back. If MRSA bacteria are found, a special antibiotic cream will be applied to your skin or the inside of your nose to remove the bacteria. You may also need to wash your skin and hair with an antiseptic shampoo and lotion.

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