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can you have parenteses of myotomes from c5,6,and 7 related to shingles

Posted by nanaretta

 I had numbness and tingling of my right arm, specificly at the shoulder elbow and wrist. I had decreased strength and at times felt as if my arm was "dead" and unable to lift it. THere was associated pain mostly in the shoulder. I had been seeing a orthopedic MD for what we thought was carpel tunnel syndrome and recieved a steroid injection that reduced swelling in right wrist and pretty much took care of the pain. My nerve study was normal and MRI showed some degenerative disc disease at C5,6,and 7. The weird arm stuff started about a week after the injection and the MD referred me to a spine specialist. About 10 days later I had some pain in my right torso just below my ribs with itching. Then I broke our with shingles. That same day, the right arm issues just stopped. I still have an appointment scheduled with the spinal doctor. Could it all have been from the shingles breakout? I am a 57yo woman and had a severe case of chickinpox when I was 9yo.
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