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Can repair of right hernia cause a hernia on the left side??

Posted by BlessedmanbecauseofGod

  I have had three surgeries to repair a right inguinal hernia in 1977, 1986 and again in 2005. Shortly after repair in 2005 I start getting the same symptoms on the left side. After pain, tingling and bulging became more obviously I went see the doctor and was diagnosis with a left inguinal hernia. So, is there any medical evidence available to substantiate my suspicion? I know the logic is there and by strengthen the right with mesh during the last surgery would shift pressure or strain to the weaker side cause the muscle tissue to break down creating a hernia. Thanks in advance for your professional feedback.




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I'm not a surgeon but in my training as a family physician who assisted in hernia repairs, I never heard of a hernia repair on one side causing a hernia on the other.  However, folks who have a hernia are more likely to have another since they've demonstrated propensity towards less than optimal tissue structure.  So what you've proposed makes sense.  I have not heard of surgeons tacking up extra mesh on the other "good" side while inside to repair the "bad" side but then again, I haven't been in the OR since finishing residency training many moons ago.  I'd suggest asking your family doc who can nose around w/his or her colleagues.  Good luck!
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