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Can people catch foot and mouth disease?

Posted by Be Well

Can people catch foot and mouth disease?
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Foot and mouth disease (FMD) is an infection that causes fever and blisters in animals such as cattle, sheep, goats and some wild animals.

It is possible for people to catch foot and mouth disease. However, it is extremely rare, even for people who work closely with infected animals. There have only been a few recorded cases of humans contracting the disease.

FMD in humans

Foot and mouth disease in people is a short and mild illness.

Food safety

Foot and mouth disease does not pose a threat to food safety.

However, the movement of meat and milk may sometimes be restricted during an outbreak of foot and mouth disease. This is because the disease can be spread to other animals in infected food.

Hand, foot and mouth disease

Foot and mouth disease should not be confused with hand, foot and mouth disease, which does affect humans - it is a totally unrelated condition to foot and mouth disease.

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Hand, foot and mouth disease

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