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Can I use a mobile phone in hospital?

Posted by Be Well

Can I use a mobile phone in hospital?
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Following recent pressure from the government, some hospitals have relaxed the total ban on using mobile phones. However, different hospitals still have varied rules regarding mobile phone use, so you should always check before using your phone.

Mobile phones can sometimes cause disruption in hospitals. Their ring tones, and the resulting conversation, can disturb other patients who may be resting. Phone conversations may also interfere with important healthcare discussions between professionals and patients.

Loud ring tones and alarms could be confused with alarms on medical equipment, and as mobile phones emit electromagnetic signals, they could also interfere with medical devices.

Therefore, some restrictions are necessary to limit the risk to critical medical equipment.

There is also an issue surrounding the use of camera phones breaching patient confidentiality. Patients and visitors should always respect the rules of the hospital they are in, and take the needs of staff and other patients into consideration when using mobile phones.

Posters around the hospital will tell you where you may or may not use your mobile phone. If you need to make a call or send a text message, make sure that you go to an area where mobile phone use is allowed. Ask a member of staff at your hospital if you are unsure where you can use your mobile phone.

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