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can I still have something wrong with my appendicitis if my white blood count is normal?

Posted by mommyofthree

I took my daughter to the er on saturday night when she complained about her lower rt side hurting horribly, they did blood , urine test ( which both test came back normal), also did a ct scan, and then also a pelvic exam.  Said she must be ovulation.  The pain was persistant and then we went through to wednesday where again i took her to the doctor here in town he did blood test and this time an  x-ray The blood test came back normal again, and he said the xray showed she was full of poop.  She said she has pooped three times a day always and when we got home she pooped again.  We have another doctors visit now for tomorrow, she came home from school today crying and in a high amount of pain.  What do I do.  this is scary to me

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