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Can I make my own “Super-Product?”

Posted Mar 27 2013 2:01am

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Haidee says…Daily skin care usually requires more than one principle to be effective, like emollients, SPF, antioxidants, peptides… but there is no way that you can find a single cream mixing all those.  I wonder if they usually interact in a way that make them virtually impossible to mix or it is just a marketing strategy. So, is there any cream/serum/lotion, for instance, that have coffeeberry, other antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, plus other emollients, peptides and SPF? (I’m not sure if an AHA/BHA could be also added or it have to be another cream in case you want it).  I’m way to lazy to use a cleanser, a toner, a BHA, a SPF, and antioxidant, a moisturiser… and then the primer and the make up, for goodness sake, I don’t have that much time!!! I’m also trying to find out if I could mix these things myself (although the ingredients are not to easy to find), but that would take a serious chemical study for me.

The Beauty Brains respond:

There are aesthetic and price concerns that limit how many “goodies” you can find in a single product and there are also some cases where ingredients just shouldn’t be combined, e.g., in the case of AHAs and retinoids. Without a background in cosmetic chemistry you’d have a tough time creating DIY blends of complex active ingredients. But rather than using product after product after product (and rather than trying to mix complex active ingredients yourself) we’d suggest that you focus on finding the fewest number of high quality products that you need to get the benefits you desire.

  • Toners don’t really do that much for your skin so you can skip those for sure.
  • Peptides haven’t been proven to work (there’s some data but not much) so those are not essential.
  • Hyaluronic acid is a nice to have but all it does is bind moisture which other ingredients will do as well.
  • Any anti-aging product you buy will have emollients so you don’t need to worry about getting more of those.

A good sunscreen is essential to protect against photo-aging. It’s probably the best thing you can do for your skin. And if you want to do any “resurfacing” use a good retinol product, preferably one that uses time released technology. You might also find AHA or BHA ingredients to be helpful but not in the same product as the retinol or you may end up with irritated skin.

We’re not saying these are the ONLY products you’ll ever need but if you focus on a few good products, rather than trying to combine every single ingredient possible, you’ll have a simpler routine, you’ll save money, and you’ll probably be more satisfied with the results.

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