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Can I get a swollen lymph node near my groin from a leech bite on my ankle?

Posted by Haych

Leech bite was on Dec 4th during a 'Mud Run' event, obviously including mud, boggy marshes, trenches, rivers etc. Bite didn't seem to get infected. It scabbed over after about a day. It was itchy and it formed a hard lump under the skin beneath the bite site. Lump has dissappeared, but scab still remains.

Lymph node was noticed on Dec 13th, only because I leant on my leg and noticed the tenderness. It is about 5 cm's down from my bikini line on the same leg as the bite. The site is not red on the skin's surface, but it is quite sore and tender. It feels like it is lying deep to the surface and is about 2 cm's in length and oval shaped. I don't believe it has actually grown in size, but I believe that the swelling around it has increased.

I hope I have explained in detail enough for you to get a good idea of my situation. Any information will be much appreciated.

 Kind regards,


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