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Can head lice get inside of human ears and if so how do you treat this?

Posted by kmpastoria

I found lice today on my daughter's hair and i'm almost positive i have it as well.  The last couple days my head has been kind of itchy but the inside of my right ear has been soo itchy.  It is almost as if something is moving around in there.  If the lice in the ear idea is not possible, do you have any other ideas of what it could be?
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I'm going through a similar thing, with the added bonus of movement in my nose. I also have had some sore spots and scabbing on the bony bits of my ears and round the rim of my nose.  My local surgery dont want anything to do with it.  So if you find anything out, please let me know.  you'll go straight to the top of my christmas card list.
Ive gone thru the lice infestation myself, Yes, They travel and lay eggs in both ear passages and nasal cavities. Saw them after sneezing myself. Went thru lindane treatment and it seems to be in check for now.
how do you get them out of the nose and ears?
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