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Can Eating Fast Make You Fat? Slow Down To Slim down!

Posted Feb 02 2009 10:49pm
I have heard over the years to not eat so fast and not eat until I am completely full or in the case of me and chocolate, not eat until I am going to be sick ( I still do it every time which is why I CANNOT keep chocolate in the house). I do try to keep this in mind but sometimes find myself eating and eating and eating until I am so full that I do not want to move (why, why, why?). I found this information at the Daily Mail on how eating fast really can contribute to weight gain so I suppose that I should reevaluate my eating habits to help me slim down when I need it and feel better. Do you eat until full and eat fast?

Why Eating Until Full and Like You Are In A Race May Not Be Your Best Idea

A recent study published in the British Medical Journal Online first blames the couch potato lifestyles of fast food, larger portions, TV dinners and the demise of family mealtimes for contributing to the problem. Professor HiroyasuIso and colleagues from Osaka University, Japan, carried out a study involving 3,200 Japanese men and women aged 30-69 years between 2003 and 2206. Participants were sent a diet history questionnaire. Half of the men and 58 percent of the women said they normally ate until they were full. A third of the women and just under half of the men said they ate quickly. Interestingly enough, the group of participants who said that they ate until full and ate quickly had a higher body mass index (the scoring system that measures obesity levels) as well as higher total energy intake than those who did not eat until full and did not eat quickly. The men and women in this group were three times more likely to be overweight than those who did not eat this way.

Professor Iso said the combination had a “supra-additive” effect on the risk of being overweight-more than would be expected if each eating habit was examined in isolation. “If you eat slowly then there is some feedback from the brain that this is enough, and this helps you to stop eating before you are full”. It is speculation at the moment but it is worth pursuing and fits with modern lifestyles”. The article went on to further say that, “ These kind of studies are very helpful because they’re not about genetic causes of obesity, which people feel they cannot do anything about, but human behavior”, according to Dr. David Haslam, GP and clinical director for the National Obesity Forum.

Hmmmmmm ….. definitely going to slow down and not eat until I am so full that all I do is complain how full I am.

P.S. To all my loyal entrecard droppers -tried to drop last night but entrecard said they were doing an update or something for at least 3 hours so I could not get it done. Will be dropping tonight-sorry, sorry, sorry. I feel so behind and rude!
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