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can adults (24yoa) have febrile seizures?

Posted by leslie h

I've noticed that when I'm at the Zumba class I go to, or whenever I don't stay in as cool of a environment I notice that I start to spike fevers (I start at normal being 98.2 and within a hour it has gone up to on average 102.0) I do have RSD/CRPS. I've noticed that it started about 8 weeks ago (I was on gabapentin and I was being weined off of it). and now I've noticed that when excessively overheated my body starts to have spams where I shake (I am very aware of my surroundings and of what's going on in them). so could these be some sort of febrile seizure/convulsion/spasms? and

my drs are being asses and the closest appt I can get is three weeks out so it's up to me to figure this s**t out

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