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Can a woman get pregnant if her tubes tied and a condom is stuck up in you

Posted by Lakita M. Facebook

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Wow!  I hate to ask how you came up with that scenario!  So let's assume the condom was used, eg has sperm inside.  Many condoms have spermicide inside so the sperm should hopefully be dead.  But let's assume this condom doesn't and in fact, let's assume that the little guys have managed to swim out and get past your cervix.  It turns out that some are able to get across tied tubes (tubal ligation) and get a woman pregnant.  


How often does this happen?  When performing tubal ligations, we're supposed to inform you that while this procedure is considered permanent, there is supposedly a 1 in 200 chance of failure.  So regardless of whether a condom is stuck up inside you, women who've had a tubal ligation still have a 1 in 200 chance of getting pregnant.  


By the way, condoms and tampons shouldn't get stuck inside you.  The vagina is a closed end tube, something like a sock.  It's not like these foreign bodies can wander way up inside you.  Just reach in & remove it!

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