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Can a single dose of oral Boniva be responsible for jaw pain 5 weeks later?

Posted by LisaP

  I took one dose of Boniva on January 2, 2009...5 weeks ago, with severe side effects.  I have continued, after the initial 3 days of  horrid flu-like symptoms that pretty much resolved except for a headache and then a neuroma in the left temple, to have increased amounts of random body pain  including jaw pain on the left side.  I wonder if I could, out of fear, create this pain in my jaw...the fear of osteonecrosis after a single oral dose.  I was just at my dentist for a cleaning and the staff dismissed the symptoms saying that osteonecrosis is only known to happen  with repeated injections of bisphosphonate. I know that this is not a TMJ pain as I have had in years past on the right side.  I have had this for a few weeks now. What do you think? Continue to wait it out and see if it resolves? See my primary care doc? Thanks for your opinion.

   Concerned in Kansas City

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