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can a severely scratched cornea develop into a tumor?

Posted by mex011688

My right cornea was scratched as a result of inserting a contact lens which had particles on the inner layer. As a result of the uncomfortable sensation, I closed my eye and began to rub ferociously. I removed the contact and proceeded to wash out my eye out with water, but all I felt was pain, whether the eye was open or closed, I felt excruciating pain. The next day, I went to the ophthalmologist and had her check it out. To her surprise, she commented that it looked really bad, describing the condition in which the outer layer was in and recommended that I apply a prescribed ointment, steroid drops and wear a patch for its sensitivity to the sun. On the second visit a few days later she said that the scarring was diminishing but she encouraged ongoing annual visits for she feared that I might develop a tumor overtime as a result of the unfortunate encounter and ordeal my eye had underwent.      

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