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Can a LPN remove ingrown toenails on a diabetic patient?

Posted by savage_princess

My father is 83 yrs old. He has been going to a vet. hospital for over 65 years. He is a spinal cord injury man. Dad has been to the VA many times to remove ingrown toenail on his right foot. The past several visits a LPN has been digging on his toe.

This past week was so painful to my Dad he almost passed out. He asked the LPN to stop and  he asked for a doctor. THe LPN said he "didnt feel a thing". and continued digging on my dad's toe. My father is diabetic and parapalegic.

Every online search I do regarding ingrown toenails says it is considered a surgery and done by a Doctor. 

Is there anything  we can do  regarding this matter? Is a LPN another name for a licensed doctor?  Can a LPN have an endorsement certification in poditry?

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LPN=Licensed Practical Nurse, less training than an RN

Demand to talk to the AOD (Admin. on duty) and complain, this sort of "care" is not acceptable

I am in nursing school right now and I was taught that only a Dr. can cut the toe nails of a diabetic. neither an LPN or an RN should be cutting his toe nails. LPN means licensed practical nurse. I don't think that she could have an endorsement. She may have gone to podiatry school and be a licensed podiatrist but she would still not be able to cut the nails of a diabetic in a hospital or clinic setting. this can only be done by a Dr.
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