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Busy Times, Tired Times, Blimmin Infections and blah blah

Posted Dec 21 2009 12:00am
I have been busy with School holidays already starting last week. Busy at hospital appointments with a loved one. It has taken me all day to write these posts my other one here "The health and Disability Commission must be on drugs.....
In my down time I have been feeling blah. I haven't felt any better since leaving Hospital the other week. Exhausted would be the word that comes to mind. The usual infection symptoms of stomach/back cramps, waking up with headaches that sit there all day and or prevent me from wanting to be on here, nausea, body aches.

Friday I woke up and got out of bed, to then go and be a couch potato for a couple of hours and having to lie down.
I woke up feeling almost drunk (no one doesn't drink) stumbling, feeling extremely weak, I showered later, my gums bled which doesn't usually happen. hen taking off my cling wrap held on with paper tape my arm came out in what looked like small blood blisters.
No I hadn't taped it on too tight, I am worried about damaging the P.I.C.C line.
Coincidently my temperature reached 38 degrees. O.k uum so I called the District Nurse, she told me where to go... Hospital or G.P. I waited it out to see if the temp reduced it did, I went to neither deciding instead to wait and see.
I also had to get my girl to the Airport to see her dad.

I received my discharge letter from hospital. The last urine test showed masses of white cells 100-500 x10 and red cells 20-50x10 to be expected, the bacteria was temporarily clear (due to I.V it also showed granular casts which doesn't usually show up in my urine, or i'm not told this.I didn't know what they were so I looked them up..

What are granular casts......
They can be a sign of two things kidney disease or a temporary finding after strenuous exercise. Considering I was lounging about in a hospital and the most strenuous exercise came from a gentle stroll down stairs

  A rare finding of these casts is considered physiological. 

Granular casts are a sign of underlying kidney disease. However, they are nonspecific and may be found in people with many different kidney disorders.

"The second-most common type of cast, granular casts can result either from the breakdown of cellular casts or the inclusion of aggregates of plasma proteins (e.g., albumin) or immunoglobulin light chains. Depending on the size of inclusions, they can be classified as fine or coarse, though the distinction has no diagnostic significance. Their appearance is generally more cigar-shaped and of a higher refractive index than hyaline casts. While most often indicative of chronic renal disease, these casts, as with hyaline casts, can also be seen for a short time following strenuous exercise."

Urinary casts are cylindrical structures produced by the kidney and present in the urine in certain disease states. They form in the distal convoluted tubule and collecting ducts of nephrons, then dislodge and pass into the urine, where they can be detected by microscopy.
The point of writing this is if indeed my kidneys aren't so great then maybe that's why I feel so crap.  Also the Hospital haven't explained this nor done any follow up tests... I'm not to bothered, once I know what something is I seem to just get over it, its better than not knowing what is going on.

To top it off over the weekend my computer has been playing up and I have discovered I cant reply to many emails as addresses are turning up as not working. Some weird stuff has also been happening.
Someone went through my garage the other week and left something on my car.

My computer appears to have been interfered with the other night when I returned home from dropping my girl at the airport and hanging with Fi. Other changes have shown up in my computer since this has happened and I have spent the weekend trying to rectify the problem. I found something on my main screen which has never been there before and a thingy popped up in a part of my comp which showed a device may have been inserted while I was out. This really pissess me off as a computer is like a handbag to a woman, no one has a right to go through it!

I had a wonderful time shopping with a friend at the weekend and had immense pleasure in watching them purchase new clothes etc. I was as broke as a bum, but got kicks in watching my friend transform herself. Afterwards I was so knackered I had to sleep on and off the rest of the afternoon.

I have been knackered ever since. I hope all the internet buddies are fine and have a very Merry Xmas!!! x0x0x
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