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Burning Thigh Pain

Posted Sep 27 2010 1:06pm


The medical name for Burning Thigh Pain is Meralgia paresthetica. This is a painful and burning feeling on the outer side of the thigh. It indicates a huge possibility that one of the large sensory nerves of the legs may be compressed. The pain on the outer side of the thigh may extend to the outer side of the knee. Along with the burning sensation, there may be a tingling sensation or numbness in the same region. Very rarely, the groin may be subjected to aches and the buttocks also experience pain. Generally, all these symptoms are on one side of the body. The areas of the body become more sensitive to light touch rather than firm pressure.


The physician needs information regarding the recent surgeries, hip injuries and frequent activities that bother the nerve. He would ascertain the sensory alterations between the normal and affected thigh. The region of the burning pain would have to be ensured. This is done by applying pressure on the nerve to aggravate the feeling, temporarily. An abdominal and pelvic examination would be useful to throw light on any problems in those regions. X-rays would be useful to detect any irregularity of bones. These apply undue pressure on the nerves. An MRI or CT may be required to clear the doubt of any growth, like a tumor. Weight gain and tight clothing also cause undue pressure on the nerves. So, the physician ensures these points and may advise a weight loss schedule.


As the cause of the pressure on the nerve changes, the treatment will change. The sufferer has to be patient as the burning pain ceases after a long time. Sometimes it so happens that in spite of treatment, the numbness in the region does not vanish. The prime objective of the treatment is to eradicate the root cause of the compression of the nerve. The suggested method may be to stop an aggravating routine, lose weight, wear loose clothes, substitute a tool belt by a toolbox etc. If the burning pain is of high magnitude, there is a need of a corticosteroid injection. This usually alleviates the inflammation and symptoms for some span of time. Very rarely, there arises the need of surgery to release the nerve.

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