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brown patches on the center of the tongue dorsum area. whatsis it?

Posted by pepot

i have a brown round , its like a ring at the center of my tongue . dorsum area. its not painful. Im worrid and want to know what is it. i have  rhumatoid athritis . my gum tissue is healthy. i want to know what the brown patch at the center of my tongue. i try to brush it but it still comes back. im using listerine mouthwash. waiting for your answer soon thank you. 
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I did some checking and everything is pointing to maybe something fungal.I didn't find any connection to your rhumatoid  arthritis. That's not to say I would rule it out. There were also several other things it could be.

You need to see your doctor about this and have it checked properly. The fact that it's not painful is a good sign. Using the Listerine is always a good move because of it's antiseptic properties.

Let me know how your  appointment turns out.


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