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broke scapula in 2 places and rotator cuff, surgery for both putting in screws to hole bone in place

Posted by italian47

I had fallen last year and broke my scapula in 2 places.  I also tore my rotator cuff and shoulder was popping out of joint.  Had surgery to repair cuff and doctor put in 2 screws to keep the broken bone in place.  Almost one year later still having alot of pain in shoulder radiating down to fingers which are sometime numb and tingling.  Dr recommends surgery because 1 of the screws has become proud and is making a divit in my humerus.  He told me I could have an option.  first he could remove the screws and see how i do, or he can do a resurfacing and remove the pins.  I might not have insurance after the 1st of the year and have to have this done by Jan. 2010.  Nine years ago I fell off of a horse and tore my miscus in my knee and just let hime go in to repair it without doing a cartliage implant and within 2 years ended up with a total knee replacement because of arthritis.  I do not want to end up having a total shoulder and because of that and insurance i am leaning toward have the shoulder resurfaced and pins taken out, not just the pins removed.  What would you do in a case like this?
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