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Bright Red Blood......

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:26pm
GI bleed. We have a student today and she was asking about etiologies of GI bleeds on the way to the call, she hasn't covered them in class yet. I tell her they're usually very nasty smelling, not this time, thankfully. Patient was alert and sitting up when we got there. She said that she had felt like she needed to use the bathroom and nothing but bright red blood came out. We get her into the truck and start doing our thing and head on down to the hospital of her choice and she says she needs to go again. So me and the student get her on a bedpan real quick-like. When she finishes and the student removes the pan, I look and see nothing but bright red blood. She does this twice more before we reach the ED. Her LOC (level of consciousness) remains great and her other vitals are normal during transport. Her belly is a little tender on the left side just under her ribs, but other than that, I can't find anything else wrong with her. No history, no recent sickness, nothing. Oh well. Arrive at the ED and give report to the nurse. He looks at me like I'm an idiot when I tell him the patient has lost an estimated liter or two of blood. Then I show him the bed pan and trash can that I had emptied it into and his eyes get big. I say nothing, just set the pan in the sink and walk back to the truck. The student asks me what I thought was causing all the bleeding. I looked around for my paramedic partner, she was still in the ED, so I said "Not sure". Then I listed all the things that I knew of that can cause the symptoms the patient had.

It's weird being in school and having to be the teacher. I find that I like teaching though, I have done a few con-ed type classes and helped out fellow students in class. I like the feeling and idea of giving back. I'm planning to take the methodology class after finishing Medic so I can teach. Methodology is required around here to do any substantial teaching. It's supposed to teach you how to teach. Not sure that it helps. I've had a few instructors that it apparently didn't. Not sure how I'll fare, I hope that eventually I will be a good Medic as well as good instructor. Got to walk before you can run I guess....
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