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Bree Cordick - Breath Easy Now

Posted May 26 2011 8:24pm
I received some very sad news yesterday about one of the people I had on my blog roll for a while she wrote the blog blog. Bree Cordick sadly lost her fight for life after a a viral neurological infection that took her sight ended her life she fought valiantly but was sadly unsuccessful in beating the serious problems that she developed

She was 25 years old and had her double lung transplant on 07.08.09. I had been following  her on the Transplant cafe and I was impressed by her honesty and wit, I felt immediately drawn to her style of writing and laughed out loud at the things she said in her blog!She had a wit and wisdom I have rarely seen.
I had just been listed around the time she got her transplant and she gave a great introduction to the transplant process with her blow by blow account of her recovery.She encouraged me and when I asked if I could add her to my blog roll
Bree said…
"Hey! I'm so glad my blog has inspired you!:) that's exactly waht it's there for:) I wish you well and hope you get your beautifyl lungs soon!"

She was a lady with attitude and I liked that! as did the many friends who followed her on Facebook, one of our mutual friends was Justine Laymond   Life with Lam and Double Lungs  Justine had been following her for a long while.Justine  had a double lung transplant before Bree in July 2006 after suffering from LAM disease .
While I was in hospital receiving my transplant in October 2010 Justine had the privilege of meeting her when she went to Canada. I was glad to hear that she had a great time as this photo shows!
Bree was a lady who had been though a lot in her life. Had thought deeply about why she was here and how she fitted in the world. I have include a entry that she made in her blog on September 30th 2010 that I feel sums up some of what she was about

"Have you ever wondered what you are?
What your purpose is?

You know you are not insignificant, right? 
I hope so, because everyone has a purpose on this earth, whether they feel like they do or not. Otherwise, why would we be here?
I was wondering this exact sentiment the other day when I pulled up to one of my dog-clients house. What is my purpose? 
I asked myself. What AM I?

And it came to me as quickly as a thought: I am a healer. I am meant to be here on this earth to heal people. Whether it be with words, through touch, or food, whether it be people, especially the sick, or animals, I am meant to heal them. I am meant to mother them.

Not in the biologicial sense. I will never have kids of my own, and that's ok, but that doesn't mean that I can't be a mother to other things, like animals, and sick people, who can't get that material healing from their own, or if they need additional love through words and such, I can be the one to give it to them - to help them heal, and deal with whatever ails them.

Does that make sense? Maybe I am psychotic, I don't know. Maybe I think too much. But it makes me feel better to realize what my purpose on this earth is. Especially long term. I can't see myself sitting in an office for 30+ years. I like to move around too much, have small adventures. I like to tell my story and narrarate along the way.

I will not be pointless. I will be significant. I will make an impact.

That's my purpose."

I know that Bree  Cordick was significant
she did make an impact on everyone
she was not pointless,
she help me and many others through her example
I hear from one of her friends that when she went blind she said  
"It's okay, I get a free dog and a stick!" typical  of her wit!

Heaven has got another Angel tonight.
she is wearing ski pants and drinking tea

You will be greatly missed, breath easy now :)
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