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Breast Augmentation Boston – Doing It Right

Posted Aug 17 2012 10:21am
According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, breast augmentation is the second most popular surgical procedure. Among them only 31% use saline implants while 69% use silicone implants. The patients opt for silicone implants after hearing a comprehensive comparison of saline vs. silicone. It may include the pros and cons and risks and complications, as well as talking with other women who have breast implants. However, patients should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon before making final decisions regarding theirbreast augmentation Boston. Obtaining comprehensive information on intricate procedures such as breast reconstruction and implants may help to make more prudent and informed decisions.
A surgeon should make sure that his patients are very well educated on prospective implant procedures, be it breast augmentation or breast reconstruction, before any action is taken. Not only should he discuss the risks and complications or advantages and disadvantages of each implant type, but also examine his patients and feel both the silicone and saline implants while he discusses the details and safety issues. There is no substantial evidence to support the FDA's recommendation for all silicone implant recipients to obtain expensive MRI screenings every few years starting soon after surgery at least for the first 10 years in asymptomatic individuals. 
Patients who are experiencing certain specific symptoms or displaying particular findings on examination, MRIs may be helpful. The ultimate decision to obtain an MRI should be left up to the treating plastic surgeon. The importance of consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon is evident in many ways. In addition to increasing the likelihood of better results with an increased level of safety and lower risk of complications, qualified doctors are more likely to possess the knowledge and expertise to successfully diagnose and treat problems that may arise both before and after the surgery. Factors such as safety and superior aesthetic outcomes, combined with patient experiences and testimonials, lead to strong recommendation for silicone breast implants over saline, although ultimately it is the patient's decision. Other issues such as short and long-term expenses, insurance coverage, and durability may also factor into determining the right approach for a patient.
There is a lot of hype in the media about topical creams and natural herbs that may increase breast fullness. However, board-certified plastic surgeons surgical procedures such as a breast augmentation Boston produce much more predictable outcomes. Some of the products offered are touted as all natural, which means to be safe. Puerifica mirifica is one such herb which makes up as a primary ingredient in many breast-enlargement creams. It's not FDA approved and no one knows what possible side effects it may have.
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