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brand new me, new look blog!

Posted Jul 01 2009 6:37pm
I hope you all like my 'juushed up' blogpage, spurred on by lovely Holly's fabulous page!! Thank you my love :-) I feel better and brighter now and I hope all u readers like it too??

Another busy day after a restless nights sleep...I am juggling a number of balls at the mo and I am not managing well.

I have done a spidergram of all the things I currently have crowding my life at the moment and I am trying to prioritise them and maybe delay some projects till later in the year??

I have this crazy tendency to cram and do everything I can with every moment of time. Whilst that can be good I think really its not working as I am still healing and making myself stressed over silly billy stuff.

I have postponed a number of plans and things but I still feel overwhelmed most days...I think I maybe need to structure my days better? Everyone is extremely supportive including strangers when I sometimes need to cancel events and appointments when I am feeling poorly. That makes things so much easier for me!

Happy Pancake Day by the way...had lovely yummy sugar and lemon. Wanted ice cream and cherries but I was happy anyway!!!

Finalised the invitation for my planned clothes swap party at the end of next month to fundraise for Live Life Then Give Life and some elderly residents in Croydon to have a summer BBQ. I am really excited and have many helping hands which is fabtastic...thanks girlies!!!

I have lots of planned party games and a floor plan drawn up...I've kinda gone a bit mad but thats me all over. I like to tick all the boxes and ensure that things are done well or not at all! I have arranged a pre swap drop off so as to ease the stress on the night and clothes can be sorted and organised in a comfortable pace. I don't want to run out of steam early in the night. I have to keep numbers quite small but I have lots planned so I will get round to everyone. I realise now that I can't bite off more than I can chew because it simply spells disaster for me and potentially days of feeling low and lethargic.

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone, many of which I haven't seen since before my call back in August so will be really nice!!!

I wasn't fantastically mobile today and found exercise difficult...I think its just as a result of a bad night's sleep so I will see how I get on. I did have a good physio session yesterday so probably affected today a bit.

Planning a nice little walk tomorrow. I am going to be brave and try and cross the road. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Sounds daft right, but I honestly can't tell you when I last did terrifies me! I worry that I may have to run and I won't be able to! I hope I can do it. I will get a pic as evidence if I make it to the other side...sounds all deep and meaningful eh???

I need to complete my designs for the LLTGL card competition...remember anyone can enter so ther's still time for any arty crafty folk out there. Just log onto the LLTGL blogpage and/or website on the side bar for details. Entries must be in this Friday!
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