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Brain Trauma - My Brain State Technologies Experience - Update 7

Posted May 28 2009 10:34pm

The first thing they do at Brain State Technologies is an assessment using the BST computer system.  They measure where you are.  How balanced or unbalanced the brain waves of your major lobes currently are?  The computer system then suggests protocols to be used in the ten sessions that typically are done when you become a client.  These protocols can be tweaked as they monitor the progress you make.  You also will be asked to fill out a subjective questionnaire regarding your health. While they ask about what you hope to accomplish in terms of your own physical and mental well being, their focus is to merely help the brain come back into a more balanced harmonious brain wave pattern. 

Brain State has worked with over 13,000 clients and have close to 200,000 sessions recorded in the database.  This is a huge database that grows everyday as they and their affiliates work with clients.  Because of the size of this database they have a very good idea what “normal” looks like.  They are also able to match specific brainwave patterns to certain pathologies.  They can tell that someone is depressed.  But they can also tell if that person is likely to hurt themselves or not.  They can see ADD, traumatic brain injury, anxiety states from the quick assessment they do.

When my assessment was done, Lee looked at the numbers without knowing anything from my questionnaire. He began to tell me what I felt and experienced.  Without knowing my past medical history basically could look at my brainwaves and see that I was likely experiencing certain health problems.  He asked me “ when did you have an injury to your head?  Were you in an automobile accident?”  Keep in mind, I had not shared any of that with him.  He could simply “see” that in my patterns.  I was impressed to say the least. 

He  also said I did not sleep very well, struggled at times with anxiety and depression both of which were true.  He said my left and right side were VERY imbalanced and “not talking to each other at all.”  Same with my front and back.  He was concerned that I was taking some medications.  Occasionally medications can either slow and prevent the brain from changing very much.  But he said it likely would not matter a lot since during the assessment it was already clear that my brain was beginning to respond to the short “training” session they do in the assessment.

Ideally, they like to do your first 10 sessions over 5 days.  What they call an “intensive.”  My schedule would not allow that so I did my ten sessions over the next 2 weeks.  After the first one I felt a little “off”.   Something had definitely changed but it left me feeling a bit uncomfortable.  I shared that with Lee and he tweaked my next session a bit.  After the 2nd session I felt VERY much better.  Lee showed me where my brain waves had been 2 days earlier and where they were now.  The pattern looked totally different.

He explained the first session had shifted my autonomic nervous system which was stuck in a sympathetic dominant position , to a parasympathetic dominant position.  He explained that this was why I felt off.  The 2nd session they brought the sympathetic and parasympathetic pattern into balance.  Lee showed me the graphs and it was very interesting to see what they were talking about.  While I did not fully understand, it was clear in the first 2 sessions, my brainwaves had shifted dramatically.  In the next session, the two were brought essentially together.  And I could feel it!  I felt really good!

Here are pictures of my before and after brainwave patterns.  Download Pat_Sullivan-Session-1-15   More next post.

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