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Botox Bladder leakage trial

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:08pm

A long day. However times. After having the catheter removed, I spent most of it in the ward lounge, which looks remarkably pleasant in this picture.
However after sitting in these pleather seats for any length of time leads to a sweaty bum, so I waltzed the halls often dragging my laptop behind me.

The first measurement of capacity trial failed.
After just two and a half hours and 250 mls as soon as I took off my gauze square in front of the Continence Nurse urine burst forth from the stoma.
Damn I was disappointed, yet jubilant in a way because at least the Nurse (who is wonderful) saw what happened.
When, I have had the (weird way of doing it) urodynamics the leak would act all shy and decide to not show itself.
Saying that, I have told them over and over it mainly happens when sitting, bending, and lying down not standing, as they insist to do their Urodynamics only standing.

I had to go away and wait for my bladder to refill, then remeasure.
This time in a slighter shorter time frame and at 100 mls it didn't leak. The final time 2 1/2 hours later the gauze was already damp with urine and the amount was 285 mls in bladder.

During all of this I found again a fellow Dr Mengele patient whom I had met earlier this year. We did hang out for quite some time in between my lounge visits and shared horror stories. At one stage they(fellow patient) were talking with another patient, I could almost palpate the tension between them and later (fellow survivor of Mengele ) told me the other patient is also a Dr Mengele botch up, nearly died case.
Fellow survivor of Dr Mengele is incredibly ill, my God I feel so much toward them, when they spoke of Mengele they shook. My heart really goes out to them.
We had a cuppa together, then later when I had to go outside walking towards me was.....Dr Mengele. My heart did a jig, I looked straight ahead and pretended I didn't see them, they did the same.
Such a weird day, three Mengele patients all together, and seeing Dr Mengele. The Universe is telling me something....Considering I am still having issues because of them.

So one is left feeling slightly dejected. I know it has only been a week and my surgeon told me it would only be a week for the Botox to work, although another Doctor said up 2-3 weeks. My Nurse who dealt with me (who is always marvellous) has only seen actual Botox being used in real bladders and I was her first Neobladder / Botox case, so she was unsure how my Bowels may react.
I suppose I will hear something from my Surgeon or Nurse next week.
So the day started at 9 and ended at 5 when I arrived home. I have been experiencing sweats all day a headache and now stomach cramps, not feeling very pretty. Now Im going to share my day with Fi who has just turned up with a Thai Fish dish, looks good, but fish..... eeeew. Sphere: Related Content
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