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Book: Overdosed America - The Broken Promise of American Medicine

Posted Sep 14 2008 6:14pm

I have not yet finished reading this incredible book, but last week I heard the author, John Abramson, M.D. (now a clinical instructor at Harvard) speak at the Boulderfest 2005 conference.

Dr. Abramson's talk was easily the best and SCARIEST of the conference. In his lecture, and in his book, he methodically tears apart study after study, many of which have been used to get the FDA to approve numerous drugs. And many of these drugs, like Vioxx, have now been proven to be dangerous.

Overdo$ed America was published just weeks before Merck announced that it was pulling Vioxx off the market. He points out how the data to support drugs like statins, anti-depressives, pain killers, osteoporetics, anti-hypertensives is blatantly twisted and sold to doctors and laypeople alike. And Dr. Abramson makes the case that the FDA is either being duped or is knowingly a part of what is effectively a multi-billion dollar scam.

It is shocking that doctors prescribed $7 billion worth of Vioxx AFTER both Merck and the FDA had become aware of the dangers of Vioxx in 2000, causing an estimated tens of thousands of deaths! And this in spite of the fact that the approval studies regarding Vioxx clearly showed that it was no more effective than the older, safer, and the far less costly anti-inflammatory Aleve.

It is said "all statistics lie and all liars use statistics." After listening to Dr. Abramson, you could not help but believe this saying. His basic conclusion is that at the heart of the current crisis in American Medicine is the commercialization of medical knowledege itself. To quote Dr. Abramson as he investigated this sad state of afairs, "Just when you think you've found the bottom, you haven't."

My oft-used statement here and in my book WELLNESS PIECE BY PIECE, is "follow the money." Apparently, that remains true!

Elliot Fisher, M.D. and Professor of Medicine at Dartmouth says, "Most Americans assume that the scientific information provided to patients and physicians is accurate, the clinical practice is guided by science... "Overdo$ed America" provides a compelling and well-documented analysis of why each of these assumptions is wrong."

If you sometimes wonder about the drugs you are taking, you need to read Dr. Abramson's Overdosed America.

In related news, it seems the peer-reviewed journals themselves are now admitting that medical science is often trumped by, well, newer medical science.

Here's medical news you can trust: A new study confirms that what doctors once said was good for you often turns out to be bad - or at least not as great as initially thought.

Read the rest of this interesting article, "Medical studies often refuted by later findings, review says"

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