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Bone X Ray

Posted May 13 2010 4:33am

An x-ray is a painless test which helps the physician in diagnosing as well as treating the medical conditions of the patient. A bone x-ray shows you a detailed image of any bone of your body like that of the hands, arms, wrists, knees, legs, ankles, legs or the spines. Bone x-ray can indicate to you the following conditions;

* Determining if a bone has a fracture or to see if the joint is dislocated

* To assess the damages or injuries to the bone from the conditions like arthritis, infection, abnormal growth of the bone, some bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

* For ensuring that the fracture is aligned properly and is firm in place for healing the treatment.

* To see if there is a fluid build up around the bones or in between the different joints

* As a guide for orthopedic surgery like the joint replacement, fracture reductions or spinal repair.

* To locate then foreign objects present in the bones

* For assisting to detect as well as diagnose cancer.

* See the changes in the bones

Most of the bone x-rays need no preparation as such. You are asked to remove your clothes and wear the gown before going for the x-ray. You also have to remove all the jewelry, any metal objects or eye glasses that may cause an interference with the images of the x-rays. Pregnant women need to inform the physician about their pregnancy as some of the imaging tests are harmful for the growing fetus.

There are also many benefits associated with the bone x-ray. The bone x-rays are the easiest and the fastest way for viewing and assessing the broken joints, bones or the injuries of the spine. The x-ray equipment is inexpensive and is available at the physician’s office. It is very useful in an emergency for diagnosing as well as treating the patient because of its easy and fast imaging. There are no radiations found remaining in the body of the patient after the x-ray test. Thus, you can get most of the detailed views of the bone sin your body through a bone x-ray.

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