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Bogus testing of Vitamins

Posted Mar 12 2009 3:40pm

Someone recently sent this story to me entitled: " Vitamin studies show some heart attack prevention".

While it is mildly positive I sent the following email reply.  It expresses my opinion on a few things controversial so keep in mind it is my opinion.  If you want to read a great book on it buy it here.

Dear ______,

This, and other articles like it are pure bull ----.  They deliberately test things like Vit C, Vit E etc in ways they know are destined to fail

A hint is in this story itself.


The research team, led by Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center scientists in Seattle, did find a benefit: 3,741 women who took stress multivitamins - formulas with higher doses of several B vitamins along with extra vitamin C - were 25 percent less likely to have a heart attack.

If they were to use a full range, non-synthetic Vit E, instead of the weakest form of E (alpha tocopherol) they would see results in the studies.  If they were to use high dose Vit C in multiple doses throughout the day they would find they could virtually eliminate heart disease.

In the simplest sense, Heart disease is a form of scurvy.  Atherosclerosis is the bodies only way of keeping people alive as long as it can.  the body repairs itself by placing large band aides on arteries and vessels that are breaking down from a lack of ascorbate.  Vitamin C prevents collagen from breaking down.  That is what the body has to repair with cholesterol, calcium and other materials it has at hand.

Testing of Vit C by mainstream pharma/medicine is like testing birth control pills in a way to make them fail.  Give a woman 1 birth control pill per month and then report that birth control pills don' t prevent pregnancy!  High dose Vit C, at least 5gr and preferably up to 10gr per day will not only prevent CVD but in many cases reverse it, esp when combined with Lysine, R-ALA and a full spectrum E with Tocotrenals. 

I believe we need high dose Vit C because the body is supposed to make its own but lost the ability in a mutation.  (so much for evolution being beneficial).  We already have 3 of the 4 enzymes needed to make it.  The 4th is in our genetic code but no longer works.  If we made as much as goats, based on weight, we would make between 8 and 20 grams depending on how stressed we were.  It is possible we also would not suffer from obesity or diabetes as much because the 4 enzymes turn excess glucose into Vitamin C in our body.  Since we don' t make it, we need to supplement it.  A lot of it!  I prefer a buffered C with nothing added like bioflavanoids etc. That is my recommendation to you.   No extra charge!!  :-)


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