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Blue Zones

Posted Mar 28 2010 9:38am

I flipped through the book " Blue Zones " at the bookstore the other day.  It shows how people in certain geographical regions live longer.  It lists out a bunch of common sense ideas - sunlight, diet, social support, etc., - but nothing earth-shattering.

Instead, I would look at blue zones in terms of the gut bacteria hypothesis.  For example, one of the first things that came to mind flipping through the book was breastfeeding.  I would bet that it is higher in these regions.  Let's take the first Blue Zone: Sardinia, Italy.  According to this study , Sardinia has the highest rate of breastfeeding across regions of Italy.  So maybe it's not just the sun and the olive oil - maybe it's the breastfeeding that's the key in this region.

You could also look at antibiotic use and see its prevalence in the Blue Zones.  You could look at a number of gut-related issues and see if there's a connection.  My bet is that these factors are even more powerful than the ones listed in the book.

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