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Blue in the lips

Posted Jun 28 2009 10:18pm

Went to a 12 year old male with a head injury after crashing into his mate on some kind of trampoline…

The first thing I noticed on arrival was his pale face and blue tinted lips. He was also looking very pale and distressed.

Cyanosis (blue) lips are usually a sign of Hypoxia which is a lack of essential Oxygen being delivered to the cells around the body. This would suggest his situation was quite dire. Also taking into account that he is a child.. children can deteriorate extremely and scarily fast without warning.

The funny part is probably the level of shock I was in for a few moments until I noticed his friend who was perfectly fit and well, apart from having the same blue colour around his mouth.

“Have you been eating a blue ice lolly or should I be worried?”.

Lucky that one was cleared up!

After taking some perfectly normal observations from him, we decided to send him to hospital as he has pain in his neck and was claiming that the head scored a pain of at least 8/10.

Mum nicely let us know later that he was totally fine and the hospital had allowed him home with the standard “ So you have hit your head you numpty leaflet”.

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