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blood platelet and rash

Posted by IBAC

My son has a rash, he is 3 years old about to turn 4.  This rash has been accuring for about ten weeks.  Its is not contagious and has been diognosed as a dermititis.  I can get the rash to go away, but it comes back two days later.  It does take about a week and a half to get the rash gone, but it only goes for two days.  When my son was born he did have a low blood platelet count and had to stay in the ICU for two weeks.  Is there any connection?  Or you may know what this rash is, please inform me as the doctors are confused as my ex is using this rash as a source of winning custody.  Which this rash did not actually start from my house.  He came back from his dads house with this rash.  Dad is not interested in helping to find the problem.  So I am trying to help the process along.  As I am very frustarated with this rash.  I have lookd for bugs, of all kind, Ive tried taking foods away, but nothing seems to be helping.  I am at a lose and seeking other avenues. Please help.  Thank you. 
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