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Bleeding issues and Quikclot

Posted by sailor70

I have read a couple of blogs regarding excess bleeding associated with Coumadin use, including nose bleeds. I have used a product that has helped tremendously when I've cut or scratched myself. It is called Quikclot. This is a type of gauze pad that is impregnated with a substance that causes blood clotting. Previous to finding Quikclot, a small cut could result in a trip to the ER. Now, if I scratch or cut myself, I press a Quikclot pad onto the cut and hold it there for several minutes. Even a pretty severe cut is stopped within 5 minutes. They also have a product to control nosebleeds, which, any Coumadin user knows, can really be a major problem. Quikclot is availble on line at or at I've used it. It works!
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We've used this for my mother-in-law!  It really does stop the bleeding quickly.  She's pleased about that.
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