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Bladder stone/infection chaos

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:08pm

I haven't talked about this current issue much, as I have been trying to ignore it.
Although it is really annoying me at the moment, because I have had several days now of pain associated with either the stone or infection, I cant differentiate between the two. The pain is lower backache and abdominal pain, similar to period like pains.
Standing for quite a period of time last Friday I laughed in response to something funny. This produced such a sudden increase in pain I shot out profanities, this so wasn't cool at the time, as I was chatting with another one of my daughters ex teachers. Thank god she was unperturbed, I think my lower back muscles were tensed from the pain then I irritated them by laughing.
Having severe period/slash child birthing pains, when you suffer from neither is such a drag literally. Then because the bladder is actually bowel and is irritated, it throws off waves of intestinal pain, and the mucus production is increased so everything goes haywire including increased diarrhoea. I empty my bladder around six times a day, increased emptying doesn't seem to help the pain.
I end up resorting to morphine to settle down the bowels, anti inflammatories are pretty useless as they irritate my stomach more, and panadol although effective at times, works little more than a placebo effect.
I was talking to someone last night, and asked them to please pass me my hand bag, I actually couldn't move. The person looked surprised as I showed no outward signs I was suffering in anyway. I explained to them, what I was taking and why, and also the importance of taking something before the pain gets too out of control. Its hopeless waiting until I am at the nearly vomiting stage, and living in the toilet hoping for relief. I have also learned to hide alot of the pain as I don't want to have to justify or explain my situation over and over again, mainly I have learned that when vulnerable, some people like to get the boot in. So to protect myself I show no outward signs. It takes alot for me to show how uncomfortable I am and I have to be around people I know well, or unless my guard is down while medicated in hospital, where it is hard to maintain the façade of well-being .
It has now been several weeks since I saw the surgeon. I was told surgery should be in 6-8 weeks, based on that I should have received a letter by now giving me an op date in 3-5 weeks, alas no, I have only just received a letter stating I am on the urgent waiting list, as usual I'm being dicked around 6-8 weeks could really mean anything up to three months and over
. In the meantime the stone is probably happily growing much bigger.

My surgeon also expressed the stones may return.
In urinary Diversion two types of stones are more common, they are Struvite, and Calcium Stones, I have no idea what's playing soccer in my bladder, but I was told diet doesn't help, he also doesn't believe they are infectious stones.
The delay in the stone surgery effectively delays the revision surgery on my stoma, in turn delaying any future plans I may have to return to the workforce.
Even though I could be up and running 3 weeks after revision surgery, in this present time of difficulties in finding a job I don'tbelieve a employer would be happy with me taking time off. I really do not think the Medical staff in my case fully understand the major impact this botch up surgery is having on mine and my children's life, I don't even believe they want to fix this whole mess up anymore.

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