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Birthday plans and golden tans...

Posted Aug 06 2010 12:00am
Just as I was about to write this post I realised that I had a dose of Eastenders to watch but now I'm all yours.  Its been another hectic week despite my attempts to scale down everything and have a slower pace of life!  I knew though that I would need all my energy as this week meant me having repair men in the flat=full clean after.  I find this very exhausting, often in fact, it feels impossible no matter how small I break up the task.  Errands have been coming out of my ears and also the anxiety of things not going to plan in the run up to my birthday on Monday.  It would have been rather heavenly to have sat back and have it all arranged for me but to be honest, I am very particular and so probably best that I take charge and ensure that things run exactly as I want.  Well that's the hope anyway. 

The checklist is narrowing down but I feel like my airways are also...I am keeping a close eye on myself.  Had check up Monday but sadly was in the wrong day to see my usual consultant.  The doc I saw was very nice and understanding and has assured me he will look into a few hiccups that need sorting quite soon.

Today I feel so drained, flat and really lifeless.  It was quite surreal, I have been having episodes of complete lethargy and being a tad disorientated.  I am putting this down to lack of sleep but I am not totally sure.  I had to pop out to collect prescriptions from the doctors before the weekend and I really had to drag each foot down the road.  Sitting in the pharmacy afterwards was hard going, the doors were shut with no air con it was impossible to breathe.  My choice was to hang by the main road and take in some fumes or struggle to breathe inside.  My phone rang and I couldn't finish my sentences at all as I was so breathless.

By the time I got home I placed half my body on the bed and then with some more energy a few minutes later, I swung the lower half onto the bed.  That's when I know I am in a bad way.  My temp is ok and my appetite fine.  Not feeling nauseous and my vision is ok.  On the basis of today I am re arranging all of my weekend plans and even if I feel a bit perkier, I wouldn't want to risk a downhill slide so I am going to keep as rested as I can.  I reckon I can still get bits done and in fact I can get on with some academic reading that has hardly had a look in lately!

I am really excited about my 30th despite feeling a bit all over the place.  It still seems mad that I am going to be 30.  I will be spending the day with my nearest and dearest and I will be feeling the birthday love from shores afar too!  I think at this stage I need to stop being fixated with precision planning and simply let things roll out!!

I do need to muster some energy over the weekend to choose a frock to wear.  A couple of my lovely girly mates have offered to help me through this crisis.  I do have several options but for some reason I cannot chose even two?!!?

Monday will be a laid back affair and then later in the week I will be more spruced up. I have a diva spa session and a couple other bits and pieces happening so that will be great fun!  My lashes are hopefully going to have some tlc and nails too as I don't much fancy doing them myself for once!

Think some time just chilling is probably the best medicine I could have right now and then I will be back on track.

Where on earth has my tan gone?  I am well upset as I love having my golden tan and its just totally faded on me.  I wanted to sit out and enjoy the good weather for a couple weeks now and every time I see the sun out, I am so shattered that I have to nap.  And when I wake?  Well!!!  Lets say there wouldn't be much point. I am very good and slap on my factor 50 sun protection which I think helps me to stay tanned for longer.  I still can't handle too much time out in the sun though.  I just don't enjoy it for an excessive amount of time.

There is a pic of me on one of those London Transport Barclays Bank bikes for hire. The stations are mainly around Central London and it was just urging me to get on board.  It wasn't easy and think I even got a heave ho from my mate Dan

I met a lovely lady this week in London and she is a nurse for teenage mums.  I really found her work interesting and so important.  I told her about my final year dissertation for my first degree and it was great to bounce off each other with our different findings and observations.  She is getting married in a couple weeks to her actor boyfriend who also works as a learning mentor with young children.  Such a nice person...we were chatting for ages.  Its amazing how you can meet some people and just really click!

My washing machine is being very quiet at the mo but I know that won't last long and soon it will be thudding across the kitchen!!  Seriously, I come into the room and its totally moved over to chat to the fridge...sometimes the cooker!!! 

I can't wait for the 30 hour, 30 minute then the 30 second countdown to my 30th birthday!!!
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