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Benefits of Enemas

Posted Sep 03 2009 5:19pm


What are the benefits of deep cleansing with a colon tube?


Hi there -

Enemas are typically done by entering a small tube into the anal canal. The small tube delivers the enema contents into the anal canal and just into the rectum.

Using a colon tube provides the enema contents further up. The colon tube passes the anal canal, the rectum, the sigmoid colon and ends in the descending colon. The colon tube then delivers the enema contents into the descending colon allowing the enema contents to flow more easily into the transverse colon and down into the ascending colon.

Your colon is an upside U shape, and in order to cleanse more effectively, a longer colon tube is necessary.

Proceed with caution when inserting a a 21 inch colon tube. It is not long enough to pass the descending colon but obviously - when inserting any object into your body, one must take caution.

The average colon is about 1.5 m long. Average lengths of the sections found in the colon are: Anal canal: 5 cm, Rectum: 12 cm, Sigmoid colon: 40 cm, Descending colon: 15 cm

The curve from where the descending colon ends and the transverse colon begins is called the splenic flexure and is on average at 72 cm or 28 inches.

It is not recommended to insert anything into your colon longer than the colon tube without a professional.

A typical enema will only clean the bottom part of the colon thereby not being very effective if one is seeking benefits of detoxification.

The colon tube allows the enema contents to be delivered quite deep into the colon thereby ensuring a more adequate rinse of the colon walls.

If one does a retention enema and adds nutrients to the enema such as l-glutamine, butyrate, taurine, electrolytes and so on, the colon tube is far superior as the nutrients are dispersed through significantly more area. This allows greater effectiveness in absorption and better results of detoxificationa and colon healing.

You may find the Stainless Steel Enema Kit with the colon tube at our website.

Should you have further questions, please do ask.

In health,

Dr Ben

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