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Bench Press: The Best Of All Chest Exercises

Posted Mar 29 2009 3:16pm

Many women avoid chest exercises for fear they will over train their chest and gain a gorilla-like posture.  And for such reasoning, the bench press is normally not considered an exercise for women.  But there are benefits for women who get a good pectoral workout.  And while there are many different ways to get a good pec workout, the bench press is considered by many weight lifters to be the best of all chest exercises.

Here are the benefits of a good pec workout:

Most of us have relied on our chest muscles our entire life for pushing and pulling heavy things.  When we have good upper-body strength we have more strength for activities such as lifting and holding our children, pushing lawnmowers, and rearranging our furniture.  And with strong chest muscles we are less likely to injure ourselves while doing such activities.

What a good pec workout won’t do.

Don’t think that with a regular bench press workout you will turn your A cups into double-Ds.  It just won’t happen.  But with a little dedication, it can give you nice athletic cleavage.  And because it works the delts and triceps, it will give you nicely shaped arms and a better athletic frame.  Simply put, you will be in better overall shape.

How to bench press:

Lie on a bench with your feet flat on the floor.  Grab the barbell so your arms are evenly spaced a few inches wider than shoulder-width apart.  Arch your back just slightly.  Lift the bar off the rack and hold it at arm’s length over your chest.  Straighten your arms, but don’t lock your elbows.  Slowly lower the bar to your chest.  Pause, and then push the bar back up.  During this exercise, be sure to pull your abs in tight, exhale as you press the bar up, and inhale as you lower the bar down.

If you want to focus on your upper chest, then incline the bench to a 45-degree angle.  Or if you really want to get strong, decline t he bench 30 or 40 degrees.

Don’t have a barbell?

Then do pushups! Start in a pushup position, hands shoulder width apart.  While keeping your back straight, bend at the elbows until your chin almost touches the ground.  Push back up, and repeat.

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