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Beginning a Gluten Free Diet

Posted Apr 13 2010 1:25pm

Beginning a Gluten Free Diet Question:
Are the Intestinal Repair Capsules by Biogenesis gluten-free?

My husband has just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

What do you recommend for Celiac?

Thank you,

Hi Etta,

Intestinal Repair Capsules by Biogenesis are gluten-free.

Should you desire a complete intestinal repair system, I highly suggest you also look at Intestinal Repair Complex by Biogenesis . Intestinal Repair Complex is a powder but has a nice taste to it.

Many physicians use Intestinal Repair Complex successfully on patients with with bowel disorders. Start with a higher dose and then work down to a lower dose over a period of 3 weeks.

Regarding Celiac Disease, I would like to offer some suggestions to help you get started on your new gluten-free diet.

Celiac is extremely common. I believe it has something to do with the American wheat. My entire family and numerous patients cannot tolerate wheat.

However, when my family and I go to Russia, we eat their wheat without any problems.

I recommend having some products on hand to help digest gluten in case of accidental ingestion of gluten-containing foods. He should have these products with him and also take some proactively.

- HLC Mindlinx by Pharmax is used to help digest gluten and is used proactively. Thus, consider taking HLC Mindlinx at dinner time. HLC Mindlinx introduces beneficial bacteria to the digestive system which digest gluten.

- Glutenzyme by Pharmax is another product designed to help immediately if one ingests gluten accidentally. Glutenzyme is to be taken if a gluten containing food has been consumed.

I recommend he take Glutenzyme and HLC Mindlinx for the first few months while he is learning which foods to avoid.
Then he can taper down on the Glutenzyme and take only as needed.

A note of caution Glutenzyme and HLC Mindlinx are not designed to allow one with Celiac to ingest gluten without worry. They are merely designed to assist the body in digesting gluten. However, by then, a reaction may already take place causing digestive disturbances.

One can NOT take these supplements and then go back to eating gluten. Again, they are proactive products which help in the event of incidental gluten ingestion.

For gluten-free containing foods and snacks, you may find them in the Food Items category on HealthE . Here, we offer Quinoa seeds which are highly nutritious and very useful to cook with. My wife makes excellent pancakes, waffles, muffins and other meals which would otherwise contain wheat.

There is a definite learning curve to living without gluten, but it is possible. I, and my family, have done it for over 4 years successfully.

If you have any questions, please do ask.

I wish you and your husband a peaceful, healthy life.

In health,
Dr Ben

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