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Bed Rest

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:56am
I have the call duty this weekend and we had two laboring patients during the night. Knowing that it would be a late night, let myelf catch a few "Z's" on the couch at home until the resident physician called me in for the delivery. Just before midnight a healthy baby boy was delivered. After getting all cleaned up and writing all of my chart notes, the other new-mom-to-be started pushing. It was her first baby, so I found myself in a no man's land of not having time to go home, but still probably with at least an hour if not two or three before show time.

Now these things certainly come up, and the hospital has made some provisions for physicians who just need to take a nap. Unfortunately, our unit is being remodeled so the usual two sleep rooms was down to one and that one was taken by an obstetrician who found herself in the same situation, but an hour or so ahead of me. I wandered around the post partum rooms hoping to find an empty room where I could just hop in the patient bed; no luck. I left labor and delivery and headed over the hospital medical staff lounge where there was a long couch that would do. Some doctor I didn't recognize had already beat me to that one too.

All I needed was a quiet place and I knew I could fall asleep pretty much anywhere. While trying to plot my next move I walked back over to the locker room on L&D to go to the bathroom. Low and behold in the quiet and fairly private locker room was a chair. It wasn't fancy or comfortable, a metal legged chair with hard plastic seat and back to it. But it was quiet and it was my best option. I slid down with my head against the wall and took a quick and needed snooze.

A half hour later my pager again awakened me. Refreshed and with a little more spring in my step walked into the delivery room and we had baby number two of the night. Finally at 3am I arrived at the foot of my own bed--quiet, warm, comfortable, and incredibly inviting at this point. My pager decided to let me sleep the rest of the night. Now as I blog it's time to start all over again, but between a nap on the couch, a quick snooze on the chair, and a some high quality actual bed rest it's time to head back into the hospital for another day.

The Country Doctor
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