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Barefoot Running Technique

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:10pm

The other week I was running on the track at the gym.  I usually try to follow the Pose technique of running, landing under the center of gravity with a tempo of 180 steps per minute.  But for some reason, the run just didn't feel right and I couldn't get everything to "click".

In frustration, I kicked off my shoes and ran in just socks.  Almost immediately, my form improved - my turnover increased and my landing was in better alignment.  It seemed that by letting my body feel the true impact of each step via barefoot running, my technique self-adjusted and became more efficient.

I already wear minimal shoes, the Puma H Street.  But this stretch of barefoot running felt even better.  Since this experience, the last two times I ran, I just ditched the shoes from the start and ran the whole time in socks.  I felt no ill effects from doing this, running 20+ minutes each time.  My feet were fine after the run and fine the next day.  Shoes, who needs 'em?

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