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Bang the Gong

Posted Feb 18 2009 12:01pm

"Well, I think you look great. Really great. Your reflexes are normal now and all of your strength tests are normal. You don't have the plantarflexion weakness you had a few months ago. At this point, I don't think we need to set a follow up but if something changes, just call me and come in," said Dr. White.

When I arrived, I felt good. When I left, I felt great. So, as I walked toward the stairwell, I had this idea float into my head. "You know, Sports Center is just downstairs. I should just walk in, go right to the Gong, and bang it good and hard."

So, I did.

And, in that moment, as the vibrations from the gong sailed through the room, I felt that I was well. Free to be well. And, that's what I said.

"Yes! I am now free to be well!"

Banging the Gong at Sports Center is a big deal. We established this ritual a few years ago as a way to publicly celebrate a client's victory: achieving the goals he or she set out to achieve. And, when you bang the gong, you enter the Sports Center Hall of Fame. Overcoming an injury or surgery or a disease is tough. And usually, it takes longer than a few weeks or even months. The act of banging the gong is a manifestation of persistence, courage, and patience. You then join a special tribe of people.

I'm honored to be in the tribe. There are a lot of very impressive people with great victories in the Hall of Fame.

So, on February 26, 2008, I not only will be attending the Annual Sports Center Hall of Fame Gala as a member of the SC team, but also as a member of the Hall of Fame. It's a great feeling.


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