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balance disorders

Posted by sharkeyboy

I suffer from balance disorder (Meniere's disease): can you recommend a natural medicine espacially for the balance (inner ear) problem?
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This is a short question with a long answer, and I can add only a part to it. I have learnt that small infections in the ear can cause imbalance. Otherwise it may have to do with the body's chemistry, previous head injuries and a host of other causes. If it's severe and frequent, then you should consult your phisician.

If you have had vestibular testing and know for sure you have Meniere's disease, my doctor at Duke, said there really isn't any natural treatments for this disease.  Some people really swear by some, and I tried many...and wasted a lot of money.  But I haven't found anything that works.

Right now I'm going through testing to find out if Cerebral Spinal Fluid imbalance may be one of the causes of Meniere's.  I tested low, and they will be looking for a leak to patch on Nov. 24th.  Every other Meniere's patient they have tested, have tested high.  But there aren't many of us who have undergone this yet.

 Good luck.


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