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Bags Under Eyes

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:49pm
MARY FISCHER, MS, PT: Hi. I'm Mary Fischer. I'm a physical therapist and welcome to Working Well. Today we're lucky enough to have with us Dr. Joe Eviatar, Assistant Professor of Opthamology at NYU Medical Center.

A lot of people are sitting in front of their computers all day at work and sometimes at home and complain of eye strain. What's going on when we sit in front of a computer?

JOE EVIATAR, MD: Well the first thing, Mary, is that you have to understand that computers are not dangerous for you. People are always saying, are they dangerous for my eyes, is there radiation coming from the computer, and that's not the case. But, they can definitely cause eye strain. And one of the most important things is to have your office set up in a way so that the computer is a good distance from you - a good working distance - so that you're comfortably using it and so that your eyes are not getting strained.

MARY FISCHER, MS, PT: Does my computer look about right to you?

JOE EVIATAR, MD: Well, you should be about 20 inches away from your computer. And that is about a good distance for you. In addition, you have to remember the way your set-up is-a little bit to the right. So, if you're going to be working a lot, in terms of staring at your computer, you should periodically look away and rest your eyes. That will really help and relieve some of the strain.

MARY FISCHER, MS, PT: Well, thank you so much for that helpful information. And thank you for tuning into Working Well.

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