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Bacterial Vaginosis treatment

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:01pm 1 Comment
Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial Vaginosis

Is Vitanica okay to use if there is no yeast infection, but rather just a lot of burning and itching?
Hi there -

You may have Bacterial Vaginosis. This is a very common condition and may be helped with Yeast Arrest, an oral probiotic and HLC CandaClear.

HLC Candaclear by Pharmax is an effective product for many women who suffer from itching and burning. It soothes and provides essential vaginal bacteria.

Make sure you read the instructions fully along with the Usage details.

The necessary products which may improve bacterial vaginosis can be located in our Bacterial Vaginosis category.

Consider vitamin E and vitamin A suppositories as well. You may simply get liquid vitamin E and A and put a drop or two on a clean finger and apply internally. These nutrients will heal the tissues.

If you have a vitamin E gel cap, simply pierce with a needle and squeeze the contents on your clean finger and apply.

If you have trouble naturally lubricating during sex, consider more foreplay, increased water intake, testing your hormone levels or a natural lubricant.

During the use of these products, avoid sexual intercourse to prevent recurring infection to your partner and back to you.

I would like to add:

Getting a vaginal swab, Whiff Test, pap smear and/or gynecological exam is recommended in order to effectively diagnose and treat your symptoms effectively.

Bacterial vaginosis has a characteristic fishy odor to it and is diagnosed using the Whiff Test most commonly.

The Whiff Test is done by a lab tech or physician. They drop potassium hydroxide on a swab that was inserted vaginally. If the odor has a fishy smell, the test is positive.

You also may have a yeast infection, but not know it. The same protocol for your yeast infection may help reduce your symptoms.

Should you have further questions, please do ask.

In health,
Dr Ben

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Dear Sir, I have used all kind of prescription medicines to no avail. From my experience what i realised is that after using medicines BV stops for some time but it again came back. And this happens to 70% of women in general.

Today women lack  proper vaginal health knowledge and i am one of the bacterial vaginosis ex sufferers. In my opinion, the best way of treatment is home remedies. No wonder it works. Certain life style changes do play a role. Ok being a nice lady I have shared my success story of treating bacterial vaginosis at 3 days to permanent bacterial vaginosis relief coz noone seems coming back in internet and share their story to other women in need.


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