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Baby Story

Posted Jul 11 2010 5:40am
Mom's love to share the tale of how they came to have their baby.  Even if I was the one doing the delivery it's almost guaranteed at the first well child visit mom will re-tell the story of the epidural, or the nurse they liked or didn't like, the moment their water broke, etc.  While these narratives will become part of their family's lore, and well they should, for me I usually just nod and smile not wanting to rain on anyone's parade.

Occasionally I hear a really good story or one that just makes me smile.  Twenty year old going on sixteen brought her baby in the office for the first well child visit.  I managed this her second pregnancy, but she ended up going to a hospital closer to her, since the facility I deliver at was a good hour away and she wasn't sure if she was going to make it in time.

The day started for her having the same off and on contractions with pelvic and low back pain she had been experiencing for well over a week which to her seemed like an eternity.  Despite this discomfort she felt inclined to do some "hot dirty sexting" with her boyfriend which apparently got both of them all worked up.  Before he came home she decided she'd prepare for his arrival and take a shower.  No sooner did she get in than did she notice unmistakable labor set in.

She knew she was already three centimeters as I had checked her the week before (she had tried to check herself at home, but found she just couldn't reach).  As I said before, she went to a hospital closer to her fearing she would not make it in time to the other and she was correct.  Ten minutes after arrival she pushed out her baby.  Had she attempted the trip to my hospital she would have had the baby on the side of the road.

I can honestly say this is the first account I've heard of "hot dirty sexting" as a potential labor induction agent.  Perhaps it's time for a randomized controlled trial.

The Country Doctor
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